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Major producer of Non Basmati and Global Exporter

Rice Industries is a Major Producer and International Supplier of Non Basmati rice. Supply Paddy, Brown and Milled rice.

Taste the best texture of fine rice

You will experience the taste and texture of fine rice with each order from Rice distributer, where you can taste the difference.


We provide the perfect and fine textured rice for you.

Rice Organic Rice

Organic Rice is rich in fiber and good for your digestion. Help you to reduce heart disease and certain cancer risk. Rice Industries work hard to deliver you high quality rice.

Rice Parboiled Rice

Parboiled rice has a low glycemic score and double fiber than cooked white rice. A low glycemic score will prevent you from blood sugar. Make an enquiry right now get parboiled rice at wholesale rates from us.

Rice Silky Sortex Non Basmati Rice

Rice Silky Sortex Non Basmati Rice is having high levels of proteins and unique nutritional profits. It contains vitamins, zinc magnesium, also there is no fat or cholesterol found in Rice Silky Sortex Non Basmati Rice.


We are leading in the rice export field.

We welcome you to Rice Indutries, best wholesale rice Processor, Exporter, Rice Milling & Supplier

Rice Industries commenced its operation in India in 2008. We are dedicated to the best customer service for non basmati rice, and we hope you will help us to colour people happy.

We are passionate about delivering the highest quality ingredients. Our Rice has been patiently mature to preserve its delicate aromas. The company's vision is to focus on a long-term business growth and our drive to innovate has set a steep bar for the food industry to follow. We value every single person with a unique idea or a new vision that could contribute to the next chapter of our story.

We have RICE dealers all over the globe. Each store is different and have its own personality, and we embrace this.

Quality Products

Get only high quality and standard products from Rice Industries. Our all products are well tested and examine before delivering to our dealers.

Perfect Service

We believe in providing perfect service to our clients. We follow the approach of one time promise and long time service from our end.

100% Natural

All of our rice is produced with natural process only. We don't use chemicals and any other artificial products.

Environmentally friendly

All of our products and manufacturing processes are 100% natural and environmentally friendly. We make an effort to deliver you high quality rice.


Reliability on high quality standards from farm to final destination, enables us to guarantee quality rice, consistent supply.


Our products are being exported to the many places in India and outside India either directly or through associates. The result is guaranteed consistency at the consumer table every time. Our mission to ensure consistently longer aged rice to deliver better value to the customers.